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[sonic team]Team Sonic Team Just Survived Its Own Age of Ultron | CBR

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  The Sonic the Hedgehog: 30th Anniversary Special just saw Sonic and friends face their own version of the MCU’s Age of Ultron.

  By Andrew Herbison

  Published 7 days ago



  WARNING: The following contains spoilers for the story “Seasons of Chaos” by Ian Flynn, Aaron Hammerstrom, Thomas Rothlisberger, Tracy Yardley, Reggie Graham, Matt Froese and Shawn Lee from the Sonic the Hedgehog: 30th Anniversary Special, on sale now.

  In Sonic the Hedgehog’s world, facing the threat of a horrifying world dominated by metal and circuitry is a common occurrence. The evil Dr. Eggman is constantly trapping small animals inside his Badniks to help turn Sonic’s lush natural world into his own metallic empire. However, the story “Seasons of Chaos” from the Sonic the Hedgehog: 30th Anniversary?Special just saw Sonic and his colorful cast of characters encounter an unusual twist?straight out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s?Avengers: Age of Ultron.


  ”Seasons of Chaos” sees Sonic and friends on another quest to collect the Chaos Emeralds and stop Dr. Eggman but all is not as it seems. It’s soon revealed that Eggman has been usurped within his own empire by Heavy King, the leader of miniboss robots the Hardboiled Heavies from?Sonic Mania. Not only is everything Heavy King does in this story similar to?what?Ultron does in Age of Ultron, but some other aspects of the story draw parallels to the film too.

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  The most obvious comparison between “Seasons of Chaos” and Age of Ultron is Eggman losing control of Heavy King. Eggman rebuilt Heavy to command his Badnik armies, thus giving Eggman more time to do other things and not worry about every aspect of his growing empire. This is similar to Tony Stark’s?vision for Ultron, with his original purpose being to defend Earth so the Avengers didn’t have to. Of course, both Heavy and Ultron developed their own twisted understanding of their original programming and turned on their creators.


  Ultron and Heavy’s plans are in the same vein as well. Age of Ultron saw Ultron trying to wipe out all life on Earth so that it could be populated with synthetic life instead, like himself and the Vision. Heavy’s plan here is to create a similar world, one in which he eliminates organic life to become the world’s metallic overlord. Both characters remove their organic creators from the equation to try and create a?world completely dominated by metal.

  Even the way the two turned on their creators is similar. Both Ultron and Heavy King take over?their creators’ robotic creations, the Badniks and the Iron Legion, and repurpose them for their own schemes. Heavy King takes over all of Eggman’s Badniks, including Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles, by hijacking Eggman’s network, which is reminiscent of Ultron’s attempts to further his reach through?the internet. Heavy’s control over Metal Sonic and Metal Knuckles is eventually overridden by Eggman,?bringing them back over to Eggman’s side. With Eggman and Sonic working together by that point, overriding Heavy’s?hijacking of the Metals could be likened to the Avengers getting Ultron’s own creation, Vision, on their side in Age of Ultron.


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  As mentioned previously, this story sees Eggman and Sonic working together, but they aren’t the only enemies working side by side in this story. Eggman hired Bark, Fang and Bean, rivals from obscure Sonic game Sonic the Fighters, to track down the Chaos Emeralds in lieu of his Badniks. Though Sonic and the trio are far from friends here, they aren’t exactly enemies in the way Eggman and Sonic are. When Sonic and Eggman later join forces, Bark, Fang and Bean join the fight alongside them. There’s an obvious comparison here to one-time enemies?Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver eventually joining the Avengers?at the end of Age of Ultron. Even the rivalry Bark, Fang and Bean have with Sonic and friends is comparable to Quicksilver and Hawkeye, with a quiet respect being recognized between them by the story’s end.


  ”Seasons of Chaos” holds many similarities to the MCU’s Age of Ultron. Though similarities aside, the Avengers?faced personal losses and distrust from the public afterward, whilst Sonic’s tale here is an altogether more lighthearted affair.

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