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[shadow of the colossus]PUBG Mobile Taego Map Release Date: When it is coming to Android and iPhone?

Time:2021-7-9 source: Six forum Author: Six forum read:10+

  Sam SantTuesday, June 29, 2021 PUBG Mobile Taego map release date

  PUBG Mobile?players are wondering when they’ll get to experience the new?Taego map on Android and iPhone (iOS). But, is there a?PUBG Mobile Taego map release date? Here’s the latest info on when the all-new multiplayer map is coming to the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile app.

  PUBG Mobile Taego map release date

  The Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds Taego map is launching July 7 on PC and July 15 on consoles. As for the Android and iPhone versions, the?PUBG Mobile Taego map release date could be July 2022.

  There isn’t an official?PUBG Mobile Taego launch window at the time of writing, though it’s possible to estimate based on past precedent. The?Karakin map hit PC in February 2020, then made its way to the Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds mobile application in February 2021. Using that timeframe as a basis, the PUBG Mobile Taego release date is possibly?July 2022.

  A whole year is a long time to wait, though shrinking the ambitious new map down for mobile is no small task. Although the?Taego map is likely to hit PUBG Mobile in due course, it might never hit PUBG Lite. The latter app is a more basic version of the popular battle royale game for low-end mobile devices; as such, it doesn’t share content parity with?the beefier version. Keeping this in mind, unfortunately, there might never be a?PUBG Lite Taego map release date for iPhone and Android.

  Over in the PC and console versions of?Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds, a recent update introduced players to the new Lynx AMR weapon. This all-new sniper rifle is a powerful counter to vehicles.

  Elsewhere in gaming, Sony just bought Housemarque. The Returnal developer is now part of PlayStation Studios and the remake specialists at Bluepoint Games (Shadow of the Colossus, Demon’s Souls) could be next.

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