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[Hitman 3 Publisher]Killer 3 new DLC proud season announced,Offering online on May 10!

Time:2021-6-25 source: Six forum Author: Six forum read:10+

  ”Killer 3″ is on sale in early year,Haded a lot of praise,Recently, “Killer 3” officially announced the new content of “seven crimes” DLC “proud season”,The DLC will be officially launched on May 10.


  ”Prideful season” is the second bomb of “seven sins” series DLC,In this DLC,Players will be able to go deep into the hearts of the agent 47,Get new sinful weapons and new costumes.The new game content will be increased in China’s Chongqing area.


  In addition, “proud season” is the same as the “greedy season” previously released.”The pride season” will also have a new drop item,These items include sin-themed weapons and clothing.And players can also experience new game content and contract contracts.


  ”Hitman 3) is a assassination-style action game, which is produced and issued by Hitman 3 (Hitman 3).It is the ultimate work of the “killer” series of three songs,In this work, the player will regain the identity of the killer 47.In order to complete the most important contract in your career,Step on the adventure journey to the exotic country,47 and the environment around him will be very different.


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