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[Hitman 3 Xbox One]is known as Hitman Ford Muslim Mach 1

Time:2021-6-25 source: Six forum Author: Six forum read:10+

  In today’s modified circle,No matter what you open is a small steel gun or big super run.Under your modification, its motivation is reached or more than a thousand.Then I guess the people around you will envy,And can you imagine if a car can have 1000 in 1969?


  Today, I will talk about the Ford Maka Mach 1 called “Hitman”.This car is the first MACH 1 model manufactured by Classic Recreations,This car uses the truly 69 wilderness Mach 1 body,Then a two-turbocharged Ford Coyote V8 engine is loaded.After the long training process,You can produce a maximum output of 1000 horsepower,Instead, it is a Tremec 6 manual gearbox.There are many overall modified projects.Including the steering system,Walking system and brake system, etc.


  The outer colors of Hitman Gray / Beagle Black are sprayed in the outside.It is also very harmonious to customize the prodence of the front spoiler and the tail.There is no feeling of hints.There is no comfortable configuration in the car.Including air conditioning,JVC + Kicker audio system,There is also a sound system including a low cannon.


  The steering wheel and the interior still maintain a retro style.Using wood grain, aluminum alloy, etc.And as a thousand monsters,200 MPH dashboards and five-point seat belts are equipped.We can’t imagine how this car walks on the street is a sense of superiority.But I believe that no matter that, you can give your enthusiasts.


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